Everything I learned, before the world changed.

The protagonist of this story is called Gabriel and he has been living in Alicante for a couple of years. He works as a receptionist in a hotel, with one day off a week, which is the day he makes the most of to enjoy with family or friends and his true passion, the exciting mountain biking descents.

Since she had moved to Alicante, she no longer had the help of her parents, so it was more difficult to reconcile family life while containing expenses. In her current job, taking away the overtime she was already working, it was impossible for her to earn more money, so if she continued like this, her situation would become increasingly complicated.

Since he had a background in tourism and business, he thought it would be good for him to invest in cryptocurrencies, even though it was something new and challenging for him. So he started with a small amount of money that he could afford to invest. After a few months in the positive, he could not understand why, despite the fact that the projects were very different from each other, they all moved in the same way.

During the following months he fell prey to market manipulations, excessive leverage and pyramid scams, losing patience and seeing how he had everything in the red, redder than the tuna that multinationals steal in the Mediterranean Sea. Humiliated by the sad reality when he thought he was going to be the king of the mambo, he accepts that he does not have the necessary knowledge to make profits in the long term and decides to take a crypto-break.

By luck or divine chance, after a month, in a conversation with Cristo, another mountain bike enthusiast, he discovers that he is a professional trader. Although Christ does not invest in cryptocurrencies, he explains to him that you can get a lot of profitability if you take advantage of the high volatility that these assets have.

This is how Gabriel, after several intensive days at Christ's house, learns how he trades on the stock market (Nasdaq) helped by robots, among other tools. In addition to learning how to take advantage of the high volatility of the crypto market, analyze the fundamentals, perform technical analysis and know the psychological trends of the markets, he assimilates the ways to fight against a financial and global system that wants us more and more controlled and with less purchasing power.

Gabriel was amazed and, emboldened by the methods he had learned from his friend, he decided to throw himself into making some extra income that would allow him to become more financially independent.

After more than 7 months of testing his newly acquired knowledge, he has not had a single negative month, not even the terrible month of June where the price of Bitcoin fell by more than a third of its value (-37%), while he made an annualized profit for that same month of +21%, and all this without using leverage, straight from the spot market. Over the course of these 7 months, an annualized profit of +94% was achieved. 94%.

In that time he has also been able to see how the efficiency of robots is better the higher the capital invested and, that there are also many PEOPLE, like him in the past, who DO NOT KNOW how to take advantage of the possibilities of TRADING, but for that there is faith in others and in God, and THIS, could be our PURPOSE and SOLUTION to a problem. So, he decided to tell Miguel and Rafael, two colleagues with whom he had become inseparable since his arrival in Alicante, everything he had been doing these months with the help of Christ. And that is how they formed a team, each one contributing what he knew best.

Gabriel is now overcoming his once complicated financial situation. Now not only is he not burdened by the payments he has to deal with, but he has enough extra income to enjoy more with his family, and has even indulged in a whirlwind trip to Switzerland, a rider's paradise.

In the near future, he knows that he will be able to change his job to one that leaves him more free time and is more fulfilling, probably linked to his passion for mountain bikes and bicycles in general.

All of us who have invested in cryptocurrencieswe can see that the world is about to change drastically. There is increasing interest in and participation not only of the people in the street like us, but also of the people of the large investment funds and banks..

Cryptocurrencies have come to occupy an important place in our lives and a new opportunity is opening up for us great opportunity,this is a unique opportunity because we do not have the ties and brakes that those big investors have, who must wait for regulation to enter this market. For once we can enter a party before them, let's go in before we are banned.

  • We are born to challenge the enslaving financial system, taking advantage of the opportunity offered by the current macroeconomic and cryptocurrency moment.
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